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The most popular caving region in the Northeast is the Eastern edge of the Appalachian escarpment southwest of Albany. The biggest concentration of caves extends from the Cobleskill area eastward to the Onesquethaw Creek Valley. There are several very extensive caves in the area, some of which suffer very high traffic loads.

In addition, there are several groups of diggers actively pursuing virgin cave passage in the area.
photo of Clarksville Cave entrance Ward-Gregory Cave in Clarksville is the most popular wild cave in New York. Some weekends, groups of dozens of young flashlight cavers descend into this entrance. photo of Clarksville Cave passage Here is a typical passageway in Clarksville Cave. photo of Boston Grotto members in Clarksville Cave Here are some Boston Grotto members walking in the large passageways of Clarksville Cave during low water conditions.
photo of Gary Lau climbing in Clarksville Cave Here, Boston Grotto member Gary Lau climbs to a ledge in Clarksville Cave. photo of Paul Rubin in Pixie Passages Here, noted cave geologist Paul Rubin illuminates a passage junction in the Pixie Passages area of Clarksville Cave. photo of scallops In the high water areas of Clarksville Cave, the hydrodynamics combined with the acidity gouge out these scallop shaped depressions in the walls and floor.
photo of entering Twinkle Room Past the Lake Room, at the North end of the air filled portion of Clarksville Cave, a small room with twinkling condensation droplets on the walls is reached through this short crawlway. photo of a formal dress dinner in a cave The Boston Grotto holds a formal dress dinner in Clarksville Cave on April Fools Day. photo of Onesquethaw Cave entrance A few miles East of Clarksville Cave is the entrance to Onesquethaw Cave, one of New York's longer caves, also with interesting geological features.
photo of caver climbing in Knox Cave Another popular cave in Central NY is in the town of Knox. Lots of interesting climbs and crawlways are possible in this dry cave. photo of another caver climbing in Knox Cave Here's another shot of a caver climbing in Knox Cave. photo of the Gunbarrel crawlway in Knox Cave Here's a caver in the infamous "Gunbarrel" crawlway in Knox Cave. The crawlway is perfectly straight, about 50 feet long, and averaging 14" in diameter.
photo of stalactites Some pretty formations can still be found in a few well-protected New York caves. photo of cave entrance At this dig site, a 2000 foot long cave was discovered. photo of Mark Whittemore at the Pasture Dig Here's one of New York's most active cave diggers, showing off a large cave dig site while standing on an old gasoline tank used for shoring the walls of the dig.
photo of Descent into the Pasture Dig Here's a caver about to descend a cable ladder to the bottom of the dig.

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