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The Boston Grotto also occasionally visits the world-record long caves of the Central Kentucky karst region. While not renown for their pretty formations, the caves of Kentucky form some of the largest and most complicated networks of caves in the world. The Flint-Mammoth Cave System in Mammoth Cave National Park is the longest in the world, approaching 350 miles of explored passageways and over 20 entrances. Several other caves are many 10s of miles in extent as well. Active exploration of the these large systems is ongoing.
photo of a caver climbing a ladder Here a well known cave geologist is climbing a ladder to a higher level passage in the Flint Ridge cave system.
photo of large passageway Here is a large diameter cave passage in Flint Ridge
photo of large canyon passage This enormous canyon was previously in a show cave in Flint Ridge until it was incorporated into Mammoth Cave National Park
photo of caver in level passage Here is another well-known cave geologist posing in an interesting shaped cave passage in Mammoth Cave Ridge
photo of cavers at an underground cave gate This cave gate in Flint Ridge was the subject of an amusing story in the early history of exploration in this area

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