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While the Boston Grotto doesn't get a chance to visit Western caves very often, they are some of the most memorable and productive to photograph. This is because of their warm temperatures, generally dry conditions, large extensive passageways, and large and attractive formations.
photo of bottlebrushes This type of formation goes by the names "warclub", "lion's tail" or "bottlebrush" photo
of a Chris Watson by a cave pool This Boston Grotto member is admiring the color of a pool in Lechuguilla Cave, one of the most extensive in the USA
photo of cave borehole passage with reflection One of the most photographed spots in Lechuguilla Cave is the entrance to the LeBarge Borehole near Lake LeBarge, named from a famous poem by Robert W. Service. photo of Chris Watson with chandalier formations Another famous place in Lechuguilla Cave is the Chandalier Ballroom, containing these enormous extruded gypsum formations
photo of huge
cave passage with tall column in the distance This cave in Carlsbad Caverns National Park has some of the largest passage to be found anywhere, and a column formation over 100 feet tall! photo of caver gazing at column amidst cloud formations This cave in CCNP requires a 3 hour walk to find the entrance, but contains many beautiful formations.
photo of
caver rappelling into large chamber This small cave is only a short ride from the CCNP visitors center, but requires a rappell to reach the large room photo of caver
standing near tall mushroom formation with the large mushroom and other fantasy formations
photo of caver posing with stal This BG member is climbing in a highly decorated area of a small cave in CCNP.

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