West Virginia Photo Index

One of the most popular destinations for Boston Grotto members is the cave rich area of Southeastern WV. Many extensive and interesting cave systems are within easy driving range of the town of Lewisburg.
photo of wall climber Here is a former BG member setting a bolt route in the largest cave room in West Virginia. photo of mud sculpture caver An interesting mud sculpture in a popular 2-entrance cave system.
photo of cavers crossing a stream During high water conditions, even getting to the cave can be a challange. photo of large cave stream Here's the same stream in a large canyon passage in the cave.
photo of caver on rappell Many caves in West Virginia require vertical rope techniques to enter. photo of large cave room This large room is in a popular 2-entrance cave system near Franklin.
photo of foot bridge The West Virginia landsape is beautiful. This footbridge leads to a house near one of the cave entrances. photo of the photographer Here's the intrepid photographer after a successful photo session in a West Virginia cave

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